FREE Event Mastercard ‘Veterans Digital Awareness Day’

FREE Event Mastercard ‘Veterans Digital Awareness Day’

Meredyth Grant

24 November: For the first time, veterans are invited to Mastercard headquarters in London for lessons and expert advice on fintech cybersecurity and more.

Curious about cyber security? Want to work in financial technology (fintech) but don’t know where to start?

TechVets connects ex-Forces personnel with second careers in IT. As part of our support, we often get access to unique industry events– the next being Mastercard’s ‘Veterans Digital Awareness Day.’

On Thursday 24 November, you’re invited to meet with Mastercard cyber security pros for a full day of career development!

“Mastercard UK is proud to host its first Digital Awareness Day for veterans and service leavers,” a company representative writes. “Come spend the day at our London office learning about the digital ecosystem and the financial technology sector and consider your next Priceless career possibility.”

What You’ll Learn

As a company, Mastercard uses leading experts and technology to safeguard its clients’ financial data. Their team has a close familiarity with cutting-edge, trusted cybersecurity research and practical risk assessment tools.

If you want to transition into a cyber career after military service, this is a great company to learn from. You can access Mastercard IT professionals in-person (for both educational and networking purposes) at the event.

As they put it, “the day will help enhance digital literacy & fluency, and support attendees pursuing career opportunities outside of the military within the financial technology sector.”

On the schedule:

  1. Introducing Mastercard’s veteran recruitment initiatives.​
  2. Exploring key concepts in the digital landscape, including APIs, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine learning.​
  3. Increasing your understanding of how organisations (including Mastercard) use technologies in today’s digital landscape.​
  4. Exploring cybersecurity risks faced by individuals in the modern cyber threat landscape.​
  5. Increasing awareness of cybersecurity solutions.

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How To Attend

The event will take place on Thursday 24 November 2022 from 0915-1700.

Register for free by following this link!

There are only 30 spaces available so do act now if you’d like to reserve one. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded veterans and service leavers on their own second career journeys- plus professionals in the cybersecurity field who can tell you exactly how they got there.

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