ThreeTwoFour Partners with TechVets to Offer Paid Internship Opportunities for Veterans

ThreeTwoFour Partners with TechVets to Offer Paid Internship Opportunities for Veterans

Meredyth Grant

Curious about cyber security and technology risk? These TTF internships are looking specifically for people with military backgrounds. Here’s how to apply.

TechVets is very excited to announce a new project with ThreeTwoFour, a leading global cyber security consultancy. Together we’ve developed the ‘TTF Veteran Internship Programme’ to help veterans and service leavers launch their own tech and cyber careers!

ThreeTwoFour is an innovative company that provides information security and technology risk change solutions. They’re seeking people with military backgrounds and entrepreneurial spirits to help them solve the complex cyber security challenges of their fast-growing client base.

No prior experience with the information security, technology risk or financial services sector is needed to apply! They’re looking for potential. If you’ve got 5+ years of military service under your belt (or less, if in an IT-specific military role), these internships are designed to provide you with your first shot at a career in technology through paid, hands-on, real-world training.

TTF is now accepting applicants for two different roles:

● Project Management/Project Manager Intern

● Identity and Access Management (IAM) Analyst Intern

Read on to learn which one might best suit you, plus details on how to apply:

TTF Project Management Internship

ThreeTwoFour tackles concurrent projects for multiple clients at a time and uses Project Managers (PMs) to coordinate, plan, and report on the delivery of their services. A Project Management intern will support the company’s PMs and Programme Directors with the day-to-day tasks that make it all possible.

This role is flexible: TTF can offer both full-time and part-time hours, and teams work mostly from home with weekly opportunities to meet in an office in London for those who are nearby.

With TTF’s transition support, this intern will learn to:

●  Implement and maintain project management standards, including tracking and monitoring of deliverable status, risks and issues.

●  Prepare reports and presentations for client committees, based on input from project teams and coordination between project teams on scheduling and dependencies.

●  Support billing processes, including tracking of deliverables and evidence gathering.

●  Build up a repository of standardised project templates/tools, both technical and management.

●  Manage a technical project end to end, including planning, tracking, issue resolution, client and team management.

For the duration of the internship, the successful applicant will be employed through a fixed-term contract with a salary of £35,000 per annum.

TTF Identity and Access Management Analyst Internship

Identity Access Management (IAM) is a growing cyber security field. IAM professionals ensure a company’s assets, employees and customers are protected- skills that many veterans already have the instincts for.

TTF’s IAM analyst intern will work together with their PMs to improve processes end-to-end for their clients’ new joiners, movers, and leavers (JML) by reducing risk, increasing quality and reducing manual effort involved in using client websites/apps.

The IAM analyst intern will learn to:

●  Document requirements and implementation plans.

●  Engage with business, IAM, development and testing teams.

●  Accompany the changes through the internal processes to a successful implementation.

●  Onboard additional applications and databases to newly improved JML processes (by identifying certain roles, entitlements and toxic combinations).

●  Provide post-implementation support.

●  Perform gap analysis such as for JML processes, standard operating procedures, key risk indicators and management information reporting.

●  Support the creation of relevant documentation for clients and conduct handovers with relevant teams.

Like the other internship on offer, this one operates flexibly with part and full-time options available and is paid via fixed-term contract with a salary of £35,000 per annum.

How to Apply

Applications are open now until Friday 30th September 2022, so act now. For successful candidates, offers will be made by 31st October, and the fixed-term contract will last from 1st December 2022 to 31st July 2023.

You can submit your CV straight away to [email protected] (and always feel free to reach out to TechVets for CV review support).

Be sure to state whether you’d prefer the Project Management internship or IAM Analyst internship in your email if you have a preference. Applicants interested in both may be able to have a hybrid/rotating internship experience as well.

This programme is committed to helping veterans achieve cyber careers after military service, so TTF aims to offer interns positions as associate contractors upon successful completion of the internships.

For more information and to meet members of the ThreeTwoFour team, join us for a free webinar on Tuesday 20th September 2022. Email [email protected] for details.

TechVets wishes all applicants the best of luck!

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