Unlocking Tech Opportunities: Transitioning from Military to Civilian Tech Jobs

Unlocking Tech Opportunities: Transitioning from Military to Civilian Tech Jobs

Meredyth Grant

Transitioning into a tech career is much easier than most realise, especially for ex-forces.

Transitioning from military to civilian employment is a commendable yet challenging journey, presenting unique opportunities and obstacles. Among the multitude of sectors, the technology industry stands out as a promising field for ex-forces individuals seeking a new career path. We will explore the challenges and opportunities associated with this transition and shed light on how organisations such as TechVets can play a pivotal role in equipping ex-forces personnel for tech and cybersecurity roles, often labelled as “ex forces jobs.”

Why go into the tech world as ex-forces?

As the world becomes more and more digital, the demand for skilled tech and cybersecurity professionals in the UK has reached an all time high. Furthermore, despite the influx of talent into the market, tech jobs are still considered one of the highest paid jobs within the UK market. This demand creates a unique opportunity for ex-forces to leverage their distinct skill sets in the civilian job market. The military instils discipline, problem-solving abilities, and adaptability – traits highly valued in nearly any job, but especially the tech industry. Moreover, military service includes a plethora of training, including tech training. This ensures that most ex-forces have a higher than average understanding of technology, making a transition into cybersecurity work a lot easier than most. 

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Cybersecurity training for ex-forces with Techvets  

Let’s say you do not have the technical skill set required to take on a Tech job instantly. Well, that isn’t a problem either! Organisations within the UK have dedicated their purpose to ensure that ex-forces can find a sustainable career post-service. TechVets, a leading organisation that specialises in supporting military veterans in tech careers, offers a range of training and courses designed to bridge the gap between military experience and civilian tech roles. By partnering with the UK Cyber Security Council, TechVets ensures that their programs align with industry standards and requirements. This synergy maximises the effectiveness of the training process, preparing ex-forces for fulfilling careers in tech. The diversity of the courses offered allow for ex-forces to be able to see which stage of the Tech career they would like to get into.  So whether you are looking for basic digital skills training or looking to improve your management skills, TechVets has a course for you. 

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The importance of certification and skills development

In the tech and cybersecurity industry, certifications serve as essential benchmarks of expertise. TechVets, in collaboration with the UK Cyber Security Council, Google, Coursea and more, provides comprehensive certification programs that validate the skills acquired during the training. These certifications not only enhance employability but also empower individuals to contribute meaningfully to the rapidly evolving tech landscape. 

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Success Stories

Real success stories exemplify the tangible impact of transitioning from military service to a tech career through TechVets. Individuals who once wore uniforms and served their country now excel in roles ranging from cybersecurity analysts to IT specialists. These success stories underline the effectiveness of the training programs and the potential for a fulfilling career in the tech sector after military service. Have a look at the video above or take a deep dive here, seeing how the transition from ex-forces to tech jobs is more seamless than it may seem. 

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How to Get Started

Embarking on this transformative journey with TechVets is a straightforward process. Ex-forces personnel can begin by exploring the available courses on the TechVets platform, identifying the ones that align with their career aspirations. With user-friendly interfaces and supportive resources, getting started is as simple as registering for the desired program. Moreover, you can join the TechVets’ community, helping you find a community of like-minded people. 

You can find more insights at the link below, and if you’re a veteran, service-leaver, reservist, or spouse, find your place in the TechVets’ community right here.

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