TechVets Year in Review 2021 – 2022

TechVets Year in Review 2021 – 2022

Meredyth Grant

It’s nearly the end of 2022 and TechVets is looking back on a phenomenal year of growth! Check out some stats about our gains, changes, and the goals we’ve achieved.

It’s the end of our financial year and TechVets is looking back! Check out some stats about our gains, changes, and the goals we’ve achieved.
It’s the end of our financial year and TechVets is looking back! Check out some stats about our gains, changes, and the goals we’ve achieved.

What have we done since October ‘21?

That’s the big question as one financial year ends and another begins. In the spirit of transparency and pride, we invite you to look back with us at all that’s happened at TechVets in the past 12 months.

From 1 October 2021 to 01 December 2022, TechVets had a monumental year. We broke our own records for registrations, developed incredibly valuable new partnerships, and expanded our offering as a bridge for veterans, service leavers, reservists and their families into information technology careers.

Here’s how we upheld that mission, met new milestones, and planned for the future.

New Veterans (and Spouses!) Sought New Careers

We are so proud of how much TechVets has grown in ‘21-’22!

  • There are now 3,200 individuals signed up to the TechVets Academy for free or heavily discounted IT career training/upskilling opportunities.
  • There are 3,414 members in our online Discord community too, where hundreds of veterans who have successfully transitioned into the tech world engage directly with new career-changers to give real and accurate advice.
  • TechVets received 1,849 new registrations this past year alone.
  • A mean average of 154 people per month signed on to join up.

Many of these registrations are thanks to a significant expansion of our services. In May ‘22, we opened our doors to include spouses and family members of those who have served. Now more than 160 spouses have signed on.

Most importantly- how did our job seekers fare?

  • 202 members landed new cyber and tech jobs after military service with our support.
  • 16+ people per month were successfully placed, due to direct engagement between TechVets and real-world HR teams.
  • Our members gaining IT roles made a median average salary of £52,500.00.
  • They earned approx. £21,215 more than the mean average in the UK which was calculated as £31,2851.

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Action on the Business Side

Technamed as a recipient for a grant from Cognizant
TechVets was delighted to be named as a recipient for a grant from the Cognizant Foundation that will support work to provide underrepresented groups such as military veterans and their families with greater access to economic opportunity and social mobility through tech training.

TechVets was nominated for the Ex-Forces Initiative of the Year in 2022, and shortlisted as a finalist for the Ex-Forces in Business Award. Our team’s strong reputation has also helped us receive enough new funding this year to build an entire full-time team!

We are fast developing fewer funders with an emphasis on forging stronger strategic relationships with those including Cognizant and Splunk. We have also received funding from the OVA.

We were thrilled to be announced as part of Cognizant’s £1.1 pledge to help connect individuals from historically excluded and underserved backgrounds with opportunities to develop in-demand STEM skills.

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With Splunk, TechVets also expanded our reach- we delivered a talk at the global Splunk conference, .conf22, with an estimated 30,000 attendees virtually, 5,000 in-person, and 100+ countries represented.

TechVets also served as a partner for the International Cyber Expo 2022, interacting with thousands at a world-class Global Cyber Summit, exhibition space, and live immersive demonstrations.

Collaborating with New Partnerships

TechVets CEO James Murphy believes that people from the Forces community “come with incredible professional skills and experience – as well as a ferocious appetite to learn new technical skills quickly.”

TechVets is addressing that appetite with courses for IT support, project management, digital marketing and eCommerce, data networking, cyber security, low-code automation, secure development, and programming.

We are pleased that our training partnerships have continued to expand this year. Each of these partnerships has its own set of specialisms and benefits for our membership- you can find the one that suits your own goals here.

September marked an especially significant partnership moment. TechVets officially joined forces with another one of the largest military charities supporting veterans’ employment: RFEA- The Forces Employment Charity.

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As James puts it, “Collaboration is critical and I’m extremely proud that TechVets is partnered with so many organisations, affording our members an incredible opportunity to access tech careers.”

Future-Proofing Your Careers (and Ours)

Another exciting partnership moment – TechVets CEO James Murphy was invited to Google’s London HQ to discuss the UK’s tech skills shortage with Google’s Chief Financial Officer Ruth Porat and Nadhim Zahawi, the education secretary (at time of publish).

Google is now teaming up with TechVets and other businesses and charities to help tackle the UK’s digital skills shortage. You can read more about that here.

“Digital and tech is critical for the UKs future prosperity, and we are in need of fantastic talented people to support the growth of the tech sector,” James says. “Careers in tech can also give veterans a great sense of purpose as they embark on a journey to help build the future for society.”

Looking ahead, we see future partnerships with additional companies that are keen to support veteran job-seekers. Some already in the planning stage to create employment programmes with Techvets include:

  • Barclays
  • Namos Solutions
  • Carnival Group
  • BT
  • Oracle
  • Hackademic

Ready to join us for 2023? You can read more about getting involved here, and see a round-up of this year’s biggest facts and stats below.