TechVets Rolls Out Resources for Military Spouses

TechVets Rolls Out Resources for Military Spouses

Meredyth Grant

100% of our support is being extended to the partners and spouses of serving and veteran families!

Partners of service personnel: we hear you! We know that thanks to marrying into the military, you’ve inherited some unique employment challenges.

Despite military husbands and wives being highly skilled in a range of trades, they often end up underemployed or experiencing unwanted career gaps. Ministry of Defence research has shown that military spouses call “the effect on their career” the aspect of service life they feel most negatively about.

We’re excited to do our part in supporting job success for military partners (including those separated, divorced, widowed and overseas). Discover exactly how, plus more on their particular employment obstacles in the article and infographic below.

A Community of Support for Military Spouses

“When you’re not in work, that cuts down who you’re meeting,” says Melissa, wife of an RAF  Officer and participant in a recent study by the Army Families Federation (AFF).

A strong community is often the first step toward a great job. While many bases aim to foster connections among military spouses, AFF study participants say these often cater mainly to mums of young children. For spouses who have other interests (like technical skills development) support is lacking.

Regular relocations can also lead to what AFF calls “difficulties in creating social networks” and “fragmented social support.”

TechVets is proud to offer military spouses access to our very own active community. It’s accessible from anywhere, and made up of more than 3,000 veterans, service persons, and service leavers who have an interest (or an established career!) in the technology and cyber security sectors. If you’re ‘tech-curious’ too, we’re here to help.

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Career Training for Military Spouses in Tech

Many military spouses want to access better education and employment, but have opted out of training opportunities due to demands of the Forces lifestyle. Ready for the stats?

We know there’s space for military families in the tech world, and we want to help them get there. Only 4% of veterans are working in tech and cyber, which is 20% lower than non-veterans. For women, that figure is 50% lower. Our digital economy needs skilled workers who want to support the security and prosperity of the UK, and we’ve got the training you need (accessible online) to claim one of those roles.

Along with RFEA – The Forces Employment Charity we’re now offering an expansion of our services, including new training available through the Grow with Google Program and its brand new Digital Marketing Course.

We also offer training by Immersive Labs, PEGA Academy, Fortinet NSE Training Institute, SplunkWork+, arcX, aCisco Networking Course, TechVets’ own Security Foundations courses, and many more.

Employment Support from Specialist Advisors

By opening our doors to tech-curious spouses, we’re joining the RFEA’s broader network of employment aid for military partners- and it is thriving. CV reviews, mentoring, and tailored career support are all up for grabs.

They’ve already enrolled almost 700 partners and spouses through their existing career support provision. One of them is Jenny Monaghan, who was advised by support specialist Lee on how to best re-enter the workforce after maternity leave:

“She completely understood my concerns, given her military background,” Jenny explains. “She really listened (which was so refreshing), helped give me the tools to give my CV an overhaul...not only did I get a job that I’m so passionate about, but my mental health has significantly improved.”

Now spouses seeking tech careers can get the same level of support and success as Jenny. Join us here to take the first step!