Meet the TechVets Team: Joseph Goodwin

Meet the TechVets Team: Joseph Goodwin

James Murphy

Joseph Goodwin is bringing his PC skills, passion for technology, and background in volunteerism to TechVets as our newest hire.

We’re very pleased to introduce the newest member of our TechVets team, Joseph Goodwin. Joe is joining us as a our community lead.

“I was inspired by the amazing community on offer by the Techvets team and the chance to work for a clearly well-established charity with excellent opportunities,” he shares. “I’m most looking forward to the Discord and Event aspects of the role, helping to integrate and enhance the great community fostered by James.”

Joe’s own community volunteer background is strong thanks to years of working as a Scout leader. He has military connections through his family, including a grandmother who served with the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS) as a wireless telegraphist. For him, technology is a lifelong passion.

“I’ve spent a lot of time in front of a PC looking and playing around with Discord through my personal life,” he explains, “but also professionally, working with then volunteering for another Discord community since April 2021, and teaching young people the joys of code as the Lead Instructor for a Coding Franchise.”

On a scale of one to ten for ‘being techy,’ Joe ranks himself a full ten.

“I love the intrigue of tech! The mystery and the hidden gems on the internet,” he says. “As well as the freedom of information that happens on the Internet and how it has/will shape/change people’s lives.”

We look forward to continuing our life-changing work for veterans, reservists, service leavers, and their families with Joe’s help. As our team grows, so do the scope of tech and cyber jobs (and learning opportunities) offered to those who use our resources. Next up, ICE 2022!

“I’m looking forward to seeing the community and various companies, and interacting with various companies and people” Joe says.

To experience them for yourself, claim your spot at the event by following the link below.

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