From Space Missions to DevOps: The Ranger4 Journey and Vision for the Future

From Space Missions to DevOps: The Ranger4 Journey and Vision for the Future

Meredyth Grant

In our latest Industry Insights we meet Steve Green and Malcolm Namey, Directors of Ranger4 for a deep dive into how they found themselves in the tech industry and why they’re now supporting TechVets members.

The Genesis of Ranger4

The tale of Ranger4’s inception is as innovative as the services it provides. After a successful decade of creating an IT Solutions enterprise, the dynamic duo of Steve Green and Malcolm Namey embarked on a new venture. Inspired by the trailblazing Ranger series of space missions that laid the groundwork for the moon landing, Ranger4 was established in June 2011. Their aim was clear: to offer Managed Services around Software Development with unparalleled expertise and dedication.

Career Highlights and Recognitions

As a niche services company, Ranger4’s proudest moment was the transition into DevOps in 2013. This pivotal shift led to Ranger4 being honoured with IBM’s prestigious Beacon award for the “Outstanding DevOps Solution” at a global gathering in Las Vegas. Since then, Ranger4 has been on an unstoppable trajectory, seamlessly integrating Ways of Working consultancy, ML & AI, and FinOps into its repertoire.

Supporting Veterans and Forces Families

Encountering TechVets at the TechShow in early 2023 was serendipitous for Ranger4. The charity’s mission and professionalism resonated deeply with Ranger4’s ethos, sparking a desire to contribute to the development of veterans and forces families in areas like DevOps and ML/AI.

Explore the Ranger4 training opportunities available to TechVets members:

TechVets and Ranger4 are offering an exclusive package of online education of 800 licences earmarked for UK TechVets members. This initiative is designed to equip our members with cutting-edge skills and differentiate our members’ profiles in job interviews. The courses cover vital tech domains such as DevOps and Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (ML&AI) fundamentals.

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The Five-Year Vision

Forecasting the future can be tricky, but Ranger4 is dedicated to being a catalyst for change and innovation. In the next five years, while specifics may be uncertain, their goal is to remain thought leaders and pioneers in mainstreaming tomorrow’s technologies and services.

Strategic Advice for the Military and Commercial Sector

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Ranger4 advocates for agility. They advise focusing on technologies that satisfy the customers of tomorrow, emphasising that embracing business agility is the key to staying indispensable.

Role Models and Inspirations

Green and Namey attribute their success to common sense, a clear understanding of unique commercial challenges, and the use of language that resonates universally. They’ve steered clear of ephemeral management trends, relying instead on enduring principles that have consistently proven their value.

Embracing Mistakes and Valuing Honesty

Mistakes have been painful but educational. They underscore a commitment to honesty, even when it’s brutal. Politics and pandering have no place at Ranger4—instead, transparency and integrity shape their path.

Advice for Veterans Eyeing Tech Careers

For veterans transitioning into tech, Malcolm and Steve suggests staying attuned to the commercial motivations behind technical decisions and prioritising measurable outcomes.

Tech Industry Insights

“Ways of Working” is the mantra for future success, according to Ranger4. This philosophy is about the optimal organisation, motivation, and engagement of investments in people and technology.

The Potential of Service Leavers in Tech

Service leavers are a natural fit for the tech industry. Their inherent skills—like organisation, discipline, motivation, clarity, leadership, and adaptability—are invaluable assets that can set them apart in the tech landscape.

As Ranger4 continues its journey from an ambitious startup to a beacon of innovation in software development services, its commitment to excellence and support for veterans in tech remains unwavering. The future is a canvas they intend to paint with the colours of innovation, collaboration, and transformation.