Women in Tech Open Day

Women in Tech Open Day

Meredyth Grant


If you’re a veteran, military partner, service leaver or military spouse looking to get into a career in tech then this event is for you! 

Join CDW UK and TechVets at the CDW National Distribution Centre on Friday 15th July in Rugby.

 At this event:

👉 you will get the chance to hear from CDW women and allies about their careers and experiences working in the tech sector
👉 tour of CDW’s National Distribution Centre, where you will get an inside perspective of what it’s like to work in a tech setting.
 👉 get hands-on in CDW UK’s Configuration area where you can test Tagging, Etching, Imaging, Server, and Networking as coworkers walk you through what we do for our clients.
 ⭐️ Plus, you’ll get a chance to visit the Team BRIT Tour visiting CDW!

Sign up for the day by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]