Want to work in the Military Metaverse?

Want to work in the Military Metaverse?

Meredyth Grant

In this TechVets podcast we meet Andy Fawkes, a prominent figure in the world of military simulation and training and a Special Correspondent in Military Simulation and Training at Halldale Group.

In this interview, we explore why veterans are a natural fit for roles within the military metaverse, where virtual environments blend seamlessly with real-world military training and operations. Their hands-on experience as warfighters gives them invaluable insight into understanding what the end-users truly require.

We talk about companies who are operating in this space, including: D3A, Cervus, Bohemia Interactive Solutions, Hadean and others.

Plus what events you should be attending if you want to network your way into a job in this sector. For example: DSEI 2023, IITSEC Orlando, ITEC, DSET and others.

Check out Military Simulation And Training and subscribe for free: https://www.halldale.com/mst2_2022_digital