Top Award for TechVets’ Training Specialist Rachael Bailey

Top Award for TechVets’ Training Specialist Rachael Bailey

Meredyth Grant

We are delighted to announce that Rachael Bailey, our exceptional Training Specialist, has been awarded the British Ex-Forces in Business Awards 2024 ‘New Service Leaver of the Year’ Award’. The accolade recognises her innovative approaches to training and development that have enriched the lives of UK veterans and their families.

The New Service Leaver of the Year award, sponsored by Capgemini, recognises ex-forces personnel who left the military less than three years ago and, through an effective transition, are already achieving great things in a second career. The judges examined standout achievements since the candidates left the forces, including demonstrations of leadership or innovation, contributions to successful projects, and examples or testimonials that highlight the business potential and promise they have shown.

Read Rachael Bailey’s story and nomination below:

Rachael Bailey, TechVets’ Training Specialist

Rachael Bailey’s journey from the Royal Air Force (RAF) to a civilian career as a Training Specialist with TechVets, a programme of the Forces Employment Charity epitomises a seamless and impactful transition to civilian technology careers. With a distinguished 12-year service in the RAF as a Survival Equipment Technician on Helicopter and Fast Jet units, Rachael embarked on a new path with TechVets, fueled by a passion for digital defence and a relentless pursuit of knowledge. Concurrent to working as a Training Specialist with TechVets, she is advancing her expertise with a BSc (Honours) in Cyber Security from The Open University and furthering her technical proficiency through platforms like Hack The Box and TryHackMe.


Rachael’s transition into the civilian workforce is marked by significant achievements that demonstrate her leadership, innovation, and unwavering commitment to the tech community in supporting those transitioning from military to civilian careers.

  • Digital Upskilling Initiatives: Rachael has been instrumental in providing access to digital upskilling for 2,798 members of the Armed Forces community through her role at TechVets. This comprehensive portfolio of training, offered entirely free to TechVets members, spans essential digital skills, IT support, project and product management, tech sales, digital transformation, management, digital marketing, data specialisms, network infrastructure and security, and cyber security.
  • Community Engagement and Platform Redesign: As the Training Specialist at TechVets, Rachael has not only managed the leading online community platform for UK tech veterans but also significantly enhanced its user experience through a thoughtful redesign. This platform serves as a vital resource for members seeking direct access to IT industry professionals and support in their transition.
  • Tech Training and Education Workshops: Rachael has personally delivered tech training and education workshops to 127 TechVets members, covering a broad spectrum of topics from cyber threat intelligence to tech sales insights and secure development practices. This also includes delivering a range of workshops including cyber threat intelligence, updates and changes to ISO 27001, consulting skills, insight into tech sales, Immersive Labs content, PCI & QSA, and more. These workshops have been pivotal in equipping veterans with the skills needed to navigate and succeed in the tech industry.
  • Strategic Partnerships for Training Opportunities: Demonstrating exceptional foresight and dedication, Rachael has established a new partnership with an industry training provider, securing over GBP 260,000 per year in free training for TechVets members. This initiative not only offers courses in DevOps but also opens doors for veterans to upskill in AI and Machine Learning Operations, areas of critical importance and growth in the tech sector. 
  • Onboarding and Member Support: Through the delivery of onboarding sessions to hundreds of new TechVets members, Rachael has ensured that veterans receive a comprehensive introduction to TechVets services, highlighting the training support available for various tech career pathways.

Rachael Bailey’s contributions to the tech community, especially in supporting veterans’ transition into technology careers, underscore her exceptional leadership, innovative approach, and the remarkable potential she brings to the civilian business world. Her dedication to upskilling initiatives, community engagement, and fostering opportunities for career development in tech exemplifies the qualities of an outstanding New Service Leaver of the Year. Rachael’s story is a testament to the impact that skilled, passionate, and determined veterans can have in their second careers.

From TechVets and the wider Forces Employment Charity, congratulations, Rachael! We are so proud of you and the difference that you continue to make in the lives of Veterans, Service Leavers and Forces Families.