TechVets Teams Up with Pegasystems

TechVets Teams Up with Pegasystems

James Murphy

TechVets teams up with Pegasystems to Help Bridge the Path for Veterans and Service Leavers into Technology Careers

TechVets is proud to announce that it has formalised a partnership with Pegasystems Inc. (NASDAQ: PEGA), the software company that crushes business complexity at the world’s leading enterprises.

Pega will provide TechVets community members with access to the Pega Academy Online Learning Platform delivered as free training courses. TechVets will also sponsor Pega certifications for members who have successfully completed the required Academy training missions for their desired certifications. The partnership will maximise both the training benefits and employment opportunities for TechVets members.

Many barriers exist for veteran employment today, some obvious, some less so. Many of the jobs that ex-military personnel have held while serving do not easily translate into civilian roles, while a combination of military acronyms and technical jargon may cause issues with the hiring process. On a human level, there can also be unconscious bias that occurs around some employers having negative perceptions of those who have served in the military.

The founders of TechVets identified these and many other barriers, but also saw a huge opportunity to re-skill highly motivated, highly trained, ex-military personnel to smooth their transition into the civilian workforce, all while addressing a fast-growing skills gap in the cyber security and technology industries.

“Our organisation is built upon a fantastic set of foundational principles, all of which align so well with Pega. A couple that stand-out to me are partnership and Innovation.” said James Murphy, CEO, TechVets UK “We identified Pega as a company that is actively investing in rapidly building up Pega skills in the marketplace and winning business in areas across many sectors, but some that have particular resonance with ex-military personnel such as MOD and other government departments. We knew this would be a great fit for both Pega and TechVets to have people who speak ‘MOD language’, have previously held security clearance which can be much more easily renewed, and are hungry to learn and experience new opportunities to build their civilian careers.”    

“At Pega, we’re committed to supporting military personnel, service leavers, and veterans. There is an enormous need for Pega skills throughout the industries we work in and we welcome those who wish to explore a fantastic new career opportunity as a civilian working in the technology industry.  As a veteran myself I am very proud to be able to help those who wish to pursue this route,” said Hayden Stafford, president, global client engagement, Pega. “The discipline and soft skills that veterans bring are invaluable, and to be able to harness their existing training and add the technology layer means that we feel well have a very able, capable set of colleagues as we bring veterans through our training. I’m excited to see this take off.”

Murphy concludes, “With the release of the Ministry of Defence report last month, entitled Defence in a Competitive Age, this clearly points to the need to exploit technology at pace, the specialist skills required, and the need for digitisation. In this report, the UK Government has committed to “making the UK the best country in the world to be an Armed Forces Veteran” and it goes on to outline the Armed Forces Covenant, which is a promise by the nation ensuring that those who serve or who have served in the armed forces, and their families, are treated fairly. These principles are the foundations that underpin initiatives such as this one between Pega and TechVets.”