TechVets secure strategic partnership with arcX

TechVets secure strategic partnership with arcX

Meredyth Grant

TechVets is proud to announce its latest strategic partnership with arcX , an online provider of CREST accredited training courses.

UK service leavers will now be eligible for large discounts on all CREST accredited training courses provided by arcX.

arcX are also offering free regular training places on their Junior Threat intelligence Analyst courses. These courses will prepare TechVets members for the CREST Threat Intelligence Analyst (CPTIA) examination and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to embark on a career in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI).

The founders of arcX were previously instrumental in the creation and success of a classroom-based cyber security academy responsible for training over 300 UK veterans. Having now broken away, arcX’ founders hope to continue to help the veteran community break into and progress with a career in the cyber security industry.

More about arcX:

arcX was established in 2020, borne from a pandemic and a desire to reach learners on a global scale. Delivering accredited and specialist cyber security training courses on a bespoke learning platform. The founders of arcX have an extensive background in software engineering, cyber security and the delivery of training, having previously delivered accredited training to over 300 industry professionals and UK armed forces veterans.

arcX are a CREST Approved Training Provider (CATP). We have been audited for our quality procedures, data-handling processes and course review criteria. Courses that are accredited by CREST will have been submitted and signed off by a professional who holds the same level qualification or higher, in the required discipline.