TechVets: Key Statistics Jan to Jul 2021

TechVets: Key Statistics Jan to Jul 2021

Meredyth Grant

What a year so far!

We stopped and took stock of how far we have come this year and we’ve number crunched some cool statistics to share with you.

Take a look:

Between January and July 2021 TechVets supported 77 veterans into new roles, on average providing employment opportunities for 11 UK former service personnel each month.

The mean average salary for TechVets members who secured employment in 2021 is £52,000, the median average is £35,000. How does this compare to average UK salaries? We took data from the Office of National Statistics and found that these salaries are above both the mean and median UK salaries.

We’ve grown our Discord community to 3000 members and our LinkedIn community now stands at 4180 followers.