TechVets: digital skills for partners & families

TechVets: digital skills for partners & families

Meredyth Grant

We are extending our support to partners & spouses!

Having now received approval from all TechVets partners, we are delighted to announce that we will be extending our support for British Military partners and spouses in 2022.

Whilst a Go Live date is not yet confirmed, we anticipate this being in the first quarter of the New Year. The provision will include the full suite of services that TechVets offers.

This is huge news as TechVets will be in a position to support entire military families into better economic positions by enabling families to up-skill and boost their careers into digital, cyber security, and technology roles. This can take the pressure off service leavers of the future needing to bring in bigger salaries to support their families after their partner or spouse has experienced considerable career disruption throughout military service. Our partners and spouses are as much of our service as we are and often the unsung support behind the scenes – it is about time we support them with top careers as well as those in uniform.