TechVets and TryHackMe partner to provide hands-on training for tech curious veterans

TechVets and TryHackMe partner to provide hands-on training for tech curious veterans

Meredyth Grant

It can be overwhelming to imagine your life after military service. Deciding what skills to hone in as you join the growing number of ex-forces entering the job market can be daunting. How do you distinguish yourself from the crowd? With upskilling of course! TechVets is honoured to have partnered with TryHackMe to help place veterans in IT jobs through providing effective training resources.

What is TryHackMe?

The founders of the organisation noticed that IT and cyber security information was a tight-knit community which took a black-box approach to training, making tech careers inaccessible to most. As such, TryHackMe was born out of a collective goal to reduce the barriers to entry within the tech world, much of which can be seen through the organisation’s operations and training. 

TryHackMe is a browser-based online learning platform that teaches cyber security through short, effective and gamified real-world courses. Curating content for any skill level, TryHackMe incorporates guides and challenges to ensure that all learning styles are being catered to. Through these guided, objective-based challenges and tasks, TryHackMe is able to ensure that you can learn by following a structured paths and reinforce your skills in a real-world environment. This makes it perfect for a tech career after military service.

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Why is TryHackMe a good platform for upskilling for Veterans?

TryHackMe is a unique training platform due to its effective 5 step approach to hands-on training: 

  1. Accessibility

As technology becomes more accessible, so does the need for cyber security. With the rise of cyber security attacks, the need for accessible cyber security training has never been more important. TryHackme provides many of its professional courses for little to no cost and these courses are accessible from any browser system! 

  1. Innovative Approach

Training for IT and Tech can be overwhelming and most theoretical in nature. TryHackMe provides users their own personal virtual machine, which is deployable by a click of a button! This gives learners the chance to be able to actively hack and defend machines in practice and as such, following the steps they will take in real-world scenarios. This provides hands-on experience to everyone!

  1. Variation on Content

To ensure that TryHackMe is for everyone, the organisation provides training and upskilling at a variety of different levels. So whether you are at the beginning of your search for cyber security jobs for veterans or are service-leavers in cyber, this is the place for you!

  1. Sparking curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it also is the driving force behind innovation and personal growth. Through their effective gamified training programs and guides, TryHackMe has been able to create engaging training to ensure continued personal and professional growth. Plus, TryHackMe is able to keep up with changes to the industry through introducing more training courses.

  1. Community building

Professional growth is usually only possible once you have your hand on the pulse of the industry you are trying to enter. Through TryHackMe’s community-based approach, you will be able to stay on top of the latest trends and developments within the cyber security industry. Moreover, you may be able to connect with like-minded individuals, allowing for professional support and upskilling. 

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How does TechVets work with TryHackMe?

TryHackMe’s partnership with TechVets was born out of the need to support unemployed veterans find a job within Cyber Security careers. This partnership has given tech curious veterans access to premium content for up to 12 TechVets members for 3 months each! This allows TechVets members to be able to get the upper hand by gaining access to premium content, drastically improving their professional and personal growth.

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You can find more insights at the link below, and if you’re a veteran, service-leaver, reservist, or spouse, find your place in the TechVets’ community right here.

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