Rich’s Resettlement Rundown: From Veteran to Tech Innovator with Smartsheet

Rich’s Resettlement Rundown: From Veteran to Tech Innovator with Smartsheet

Meredyth Grant

Transitioning from military life to a civilian career is a journey filled with challenges and opportunities. For many veterans, the tech industry, with its dynamic environment and constant innovation, offers a promising pathway. In our latest TechVets podcast, we delve into the inspiring journey of Rich Coles, a veteran who successfully transitioned into the tech sector and now dedicates his efforts to helping others do the same. This story not only sheds light on the potential of veterans in the tech industry but also provides valuable insights and advice for those embarking on their own transition journey.

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The Early Days: Transition Challenges

Rich’s military background, characterised by discipline, strategic thinking, and leadership, laid a solid foundation for his civilian career. However, like many veterans, he faced challenges in translating his military skills into the civilian job market. His initial foray into the corporate world was a leap of faith, driven by the desire to leverage his project management skills in a new context.

Discovering Smartsheet: A Turning Point

The turning point in Rich’s career came with the discovery of Smartsheet, a cutting-edge work collaboration tool. Smartsheet’s capabilities in enhancing efficiency and execution resonated with Rich, showcasing the power of technology in transforming work processes. This realisation led him to pivot his career towards technology and establish a business focused on helping organisations optimise their operations using Smartsheet.

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Leveraging Technology for Success

Rich emphasises the importance of embracing technology in today’s work environment. His journey illustrates how technology is not just for those with a traditional tech background but is a crucial tool for all professionals seeking to enhance their productivity and impact. Through Smartsheet, Rich found a way to merge his project management expertise with technological solutions, delivering tangible benefits to organisations.

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Supporting Veteran Transition

Passionate about assisting veterans in their transition to civilian careers, Rich actively engages in mentoring, training, and coaching initiatives. He collaborates with the Career Transition Partnership and participates in various programs aimed at helping veterans identify their transferable skills and explore opportunities in the tech sector.

Advice for Transitioning Veterans

For veterans embarking on their transition journey, Rich offers sage advice: recognise the value of your military skills, understand how they can be applied in the civilian workplace, and embrace networking. The tech industry, in particular, presents abundant opportunities for those willing to explore and adapt.

Rich’s journey from the military to the forefront of the tech industry exemplifies the potential for veterans to carve out successful careers in this dynamic field. By understanding their unique skills, embracing technology, and seeking out opportunities for growth, veterans can make a significant impact in the civilian world. Rich’s story is not just inspirational; it’s a roadmap for other veterans seeking to navigate their own transitions successfully.

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