Project Ares partners with TechVets for Forensics Challenge

Project Ares partners with TechVets for Forensics Challenge

Meredyth Grant

Building on the strengths of veterans, Project Ares partners with UK TechVets, a non-profit helping veterans and service leavers acquire digital skills to succeed in cybersecurity and technology careers.

With the UK cyber skills shortage increasing by more than a third in the past 12 months, according to a report by global recruitment firm Harvey Nash, the demand for cybersecurity talent worldwide is some of the highest on record. Project Ares will provide realistic cyber training scenarios to more than 15 veteran participants from January 3rd to 31st on the virtual training platform. The cybersecurity EdTech company uses scalable, hands-on learning activities in a gaming environment that will build and hone cybersecurity skills. The goal of the event is to equip and empower veterans and service leavers so they’re ready to enter into the workforce with confidence and competency. Participants are selected by application, taking into account such factors as commitment, the desire to learn, and career growth.

“Veterans and former service members possess incredible aptitude for thriving in the cybersecurity industry as leading practitioners,” said Project Ares Head of Growth (and U.S. Army veteran), Joshua Selfe. “We are honoured to place Project Ares into the hands of U.K. veterans, to foster much-needed professional development opportunities,” he continued.

“At TechVets our mission is to help veterans and service leavers build a bridge into the tech and cybersecurity sectors. One of the ways we do this is by creating partnerships with other organizations, who, like us recognize the value of hiring veterans and the highly desirable skills they have to offer. It is, therefore, incredibly exciting to join forces with Project Ares to extend our offering of fantastic training opportunities. This partnership will help even more veterans take those vital steps toward a fulfilling and sustainable career in an ever-growing and exciting sector” said Army veteran James Murphy, CEO of UK TechVets.

The first event of its kind, the Project Ares training scenarios will manifest as a Forensics Challenge, designed to equip select veterans in the UK TechVets community with a “boot camp”-style crash course in digital forensics. Participants will have 4 weeks to learn about this branch of cybersecurity with study materials provided by the Project Ares team while simultaneously testing their proficiency in the gamified scenario on the Project Ares platform. At the end of the 4 weeks, the challenge will be re-opened for a new community of applicants to lace up their own shoes and hit the training ground.

About Project Ares:

Project Ares is an award-winning EdTech platform providing hands-on cyber security labs that enhance competency-based education for instructors and reinforce readiness objectives for trainers. Its library of threat scenarios is gamified and reflects modern-day threat incidents. Learners use real security tools, tactics, and procedures in Project Ares to effectively perform offensive and defensive activities while building cyber skills and competencies.

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