Maximising Opportunities: International Cyber Expo

Maximising Opportunities: International Cyber Expo

Meredyth Grant

Planning on signing-off from the military? Or you may have already clicked your way to freedom . . . If so it’s time to start organising your diary for 2024 to make sure you secure employment and the training you need to launch your next career.

International Cyber Security Expo 2024

Our Training Specialist Rachael Bailey headed to the International Cyber Expo 2023 in September and it will be back in 2024 at Olympia this September. Here’s the truth from the ground and an honest account of whether it’s worth attending:

As TechVets’ Training Specialist, I’ve had the privilege of attending numerous events, but the International Cyber Expo (ICE) 2023 at London Olympia stands out in its grandeur and impact. Now in a new, more expansive section of the venue, the expo provided an essential space for the burgeoning cyber industry—a move I found to be a strategic improvement from last year.

Reflecting on ICE with Fresh Eyes

This year’s visit to ICE marked my second, with the first being a memorable introduction to my role at TechVets. Last year’s experience was a whirlwind, having just embarked on my journey with TechVets the day before the expo. It was an initial dive into the world of cybersecurity events from both a visitor and exhibitor perspective.

In contrast, my approach this year was strategic. With limited time and a vast array of over 150 companies to engage with, I prioritised visits to stands that were either less familiar or completely new to me. My aim? To understand the unique offerings of different companies and how they could synergise with TechVets to benefit our community.

Building and Sustaining Industry Relationships

My agenda was twofold: to forge new connections and to nurture existing ones. Engaging with organisations we already partner with, like the UK Cyber Security Council, Capslock, and Fortinet, reaffirms the value of sustained relationships. Additionally, meeting potential partners like aci learning, which provides training in cybersecurity and IT, is crucial in expanding our network and resources for TechVets members.

The Compelling Reasons to Attend ICE

ICE isn’t just another event—it’s a vital hub for anyone involved or interested in cybersecurity. The expo showcases a diverse range of companies, from certification bodies and product innovators to talent seekers and industry helpers. The rich array of talks, covering everything from Women in Cyber to Diversity & Inclusion, offers invaluable insights into the current and future state of cybersecurity.

Although I couldn’t attend all the talks I wanted to, the breadth of topics—from AI to cloud security—confirmed the necessity of allocating more time to absorb the full scope of knowledge shared at ICE. It’s a reminder that to truly tap into the wealth of information, one might need more than a single day at the event.

Looking Forward to ICE 2024

Would I return to ICE? Without a doubt. The continuity of companies year after year provides a unique opportunity to measure industry progress, network with professionals, and perhaps even find a dream job through these connections.

Anticipation is already building for ICE 2024. I’m eager to see its evolution and hopeful it remains at the accommodating London Olympia. Next time, my plan will include a more strategic schedule, balancing insightful talks with engaging company interactions.

Final Thoughts: Making the Most of Industry Events

Events like ICE can be navigated in various ways: meticulously planning or spontaneously exploring. Whether you’re there to connect with companies or immerse yourself in learning from the talks, each approach has merit. Personally, next time around, I’m aiming for a balanced experience to maximise the benefits of this extraordinary event.

Until the next gathering!

Rachael Bailey

Training Specialist, TechVets