Entering the Multiverse…

Entering the Multiverse…

Colin Grimes

The Forces Employment Charity and TechVets are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with skills innovator Multiverse – designed to transform your career and boost your visibility as a highly-skilled veteran in the workplace.

Together, we are thrilled to offer our wonderful community the chance to receive up to £35,000 worth of professional development, where you’ll gain essential technical skills building digital & data capabilities and learn how to apply these new skills directly into your role to maximise impact and ROI. Programmes are designed for existing employees of all levels.

There are limited spaces available to this network across the following 3 programmes, launching at the end of March:

If you would like to find out more about how you can benefit, please register for a space at our upcoming information sessions taking place on Wednesday 8th March.

We’ll connect with your employer in the meantime to secure your space, so please be sure to complete this pre-registration form by Monday 6th March to secure your space.

To understand more about how employees from all levels and functions are benefiting from upskilling programmes, check out this video.