Cybrary Cyber Security Partners With TechVets

Cybrary Cyber Security Partners With TechVets

Meredyth Grant

Cybrary is joining forces with TechVets to offer members free 6-month licences to access Cybrary cyber securing premium training content.

With over 2 million users worldwide, Cybrary is an unrivalled multi-sided platform preparing cybersecurity and IT professionals for the next threat or step in their careers. Cybrary’s mission is to provide users with world-class training and career development materials and enable them to connect with each other, instructors, and mentors.

TechVets are delighted to receive the 50 free licenses that will grant TechVets members 6-months of access to the Cybrary cyber security premium training content.

Become a TechVets member to access your training passes:

Cybrary CEO Kevin Hanes is looking forward to helping TechVets:

“I’m excited to partner with TechVets to drive real progress. In joining forces together, I hope to impact our industry and your members positively.”

TechVets CEO James Murphy:

“Cyber security skills are increasingly critical in all modern businesses, and we are in need of fantastic talented people to be able to upskill from alternative careers and bring that wealth of diversity of experience and thought into the cyber security industry. The Forces community faces numerous challenges from understanding the myriad routes into cyber security careers to being able to articulate their skills and experience to hiring managers. These individuals provide a proven consistency in delivering excellence for business across the UK but are yet to be capitalised upon in many tech teams and come with incredible professional skills and experience – as well as a ferocious appetite to learn new technical skills quickly. It seems fitting that those safeguarding the UK’s security and interests, now defend people and their digital assets as they continue to protect society. 
Our mission is to create a bridge into cyber security careers for those we support, and this cannot be achieved alone. The partnership is vital and I’m extremely proud that TechVets is partnered with Cybrary affording our members an incredible opportunity to access incredible cyber security training at zero cost. 
The passion from the Cybrary team to achieve success with this initiative highlights the value they are placing on our TechVets members and will go a long way to being the difference for those on the program in finding their first role in cyber security.”

About Cybrary

Cybrary is a cybersecurity and IT workforce development platform. Its ecosystem of people, companies, content, and technologies converge to create an ever-growing catalogue of online courses and experiential tools that provide IT and cybersecurity learning opportunities to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Cybrary has received industry recognition since its 2015 founding, often being named as an innovator and pioneer in cyber and IT development. Since January 2015, Cybrary has grown its user base to over 2 million and has 96% of Fortune 1000 companies learning on their platform.