CDW UK strategic partnership with TechVets

CDW UK strategic partnership with TechVets

James Murphy

We are delighted to announce our latest strategic partnership! This time, we’re hooking up with CDW UK to get UK veterans retrained and into tech careers.

CDW is a leading multi-brand technology solutions provider to business, government, education and healthcare customers in the United Kingdom and we’ve been working closely with them over the last few months.

To kick off our relationship CDW UK alongside our partners Fortinet hosted a fantastic networking event for TechVets members in London. We were keen to kick off our in person events on a high note, and our “TechVets In The Flesh” event, hosted by CDW, was definitely did that!

Our keynote speakers from our hosts and sponsor Fortinet included Nick Garland Head of Defence and Secure Government, CDW UK, Mark Murphy Head of Technical Operations and Physical Security, CDW UK, James Murphy CEO TechVets and Graeme Manzi, Cyber Security Consultant, Bridewell Consulting & TechVets London Chapter Lead.

Nick Garland said the event was excellent in “bringing the veteran and tech community together to give a deeper understanding of technologies, share experiences and open up possible opportunities” at CDW and their partners for veterans.

Mark Murphy, who is Head of Technical Operations and Physical Security, discussed the importance of meaningful work and how working in cyber security can give you this as “during the pandemic [CDW] were able to help local and central government, as well as NHS trusts” which gave him a real sense of purpose.

Mark stressed the value of skills he personally learnt during his military service and how they benefit him in the private sector. In particular, his “ability to react and cope with change, respect, confidence to talk to people from different backgrounds, and give effective orders as a leader” have helped him to be successful in the cyber security industry. Nick agrees and believes these skills can help a veteran to “manage complex decisions which aid business transformation at pace”.

Graeme Manzi, who works as TechVets London Regional Hub Lead, led the TechVets’ presentation, and highlighted the importance of networking opportunities “to show different career paths within technology and cyber security” and thinks it was amazing to finally be able to meet again in person after nearly three years without. “Nick and the team at CDW have been incredible in offering the space for the event and working to put the event together”.

Watch a round-up of the event and keep you eye on TechVets’ social media channels for news of our next networking events.