Catch us in Las Vegas at Splunk Conf 2022

Catch us in Las Vegas at Splunk Conf 2022

Meredyth Grant

So we may not actually be jetting off to Sin City but TechVets are delighted to be presenting at this year’s Splunk Conf 2022.

Our CEO James Murphy will be co-speaking with Patrick Gill, a Senior UX Designer at Splunk.

Join them on Tuesday, Jun 14 between 10:00pm – 10:40pm BST as they discuss, “Dashboard Design and Best Practices”.

What can you expect from the session?

Do you want to create beautiful, meaningful dashboards but don’t consider yourself a designer? Visually compelling dashboards can be challenging to create but can help communicate key information while capturing the attention of end-users and executives. In this session, we will cover dashboard and data visualization design tips, best practices, and advanced configuration options. We’ll do a step-by-step walkthrough about how to tell your data story in an impactful way. Learn how TechVets partnered with Splunk® Global Impact to build a dashboard using new advanced visualization configurations, such as our new dynamic options syntax (DOS), to bring together their data in a cutting-edge way.

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