Career SITREP Top Tips

Career SITREP Top Tips

Meredyth Grant

We know that digital and AI technologies are transforming the world of work and that today’s workforce will need to learn new skills and learn to continually adapt as new occupations emerge. We also know that the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this transformation. We are less clear, however, about the specific skills tomorrow’s workers will require.

Only 4% of service leavers head into ICT roles. It’s not a natural industry for soldiers to go into, but those traditional industries are now going automotive and robotic and so those roles are closing up and being taken over by tech, the tech industry is only going to get bigger and more diverse. 

In this Career SITREP talk, RFEA CEO Alistair Halliday talks to TechVets CEO James Murphy and some of the TechVets members and volunteers to discuss top tips for service leavers looking to transition to tech roles.

We need to remember that employers are looking for 3 things: 

  1. Can they do the job?
  2. Do you want the job?
  3. Will they fit in?

If you haven’y got time to watch the video here are the top tips that the TechVets share for service leavers wanting to transition to a career in tech: 

Nicky Moxon: Pick your own route and follow your heart. 

James Murphy: Research is the key. Use the Techvets community. Get hands on and get involved. 

Luke Spencer: Don’t let the industry put its limitations on you. Focus on what you want to do. 

Alistair Halliday: Don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you. We are all trainable and soldiers learn from the beginning of their careers to train other.