Bridging Worlds: The Dual Life of a Reservist in the Tech Sector

Bridging Worlds: The Dual Life of a Reservist in the Tech Sector

Meredyth Grant

In our latest podcast with Sam O’Donnell from NetCompany, we get an intimate glimpse into the life of someone who seamlessly bridges the gap between serving as a military reservist and excelling in the fast-paced world of technology. Sam’s journey is not just a story of personal achievement but a testament to the symbiotic relationship between discipline, leadership, and technological innovation.

Sam’s wanted to join the military at 16; however, his mother told him that he needed to go to college before he signed up. He found the shortest course he could possible take and also made the decision to join the Reserves. While his initial foray into IT was to satisfy familial expectations, it quickly blossomed into a passion, leading him to progress his career to where he is now – a Master with Netcompany specialising in Microsoft 365 solutions. Throughout his career Sam has remained a Reservist, a commitment that recently saw him mobilised to train Ukrainian forces in the UK.

This dual role comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards. Sam’s time in the reserves, particularly his recent experience training Ukrainian soldiers, has endowed him with invaluable skills that translate well into the corporate environment. Leadership, stress management, and a profound sense of duty have all played a pivotal role in his professional life, especially in navigating the complexities of cloud technologies and digital transformation.

The support from NetCompany during his mobilisation highlights the importance of corporate backing for reservists. The seamless transition back into his tech role, catching up on advancements and reintegrating into his team, was made smoother by the understanding and encouragement from his workplace. This synergy between his military service and tech career underscores the potential for professional growth when one is supported in pursuing their passions and duties beyond the corporate sphere.

Looking ahead, Sam is enthusiastic about the future of AI and its integration into collaborative tools like Microsoft Teams. His insights into the evolving tech landscape and the potential for AI to revolutionise how we communicate and collaborate in the workplace are intriguing and reflective of his forward-thinking mindset.

Sam O’Donnell’s story is a powerful reminder of the diverse backgrounds and experiences that enrich the tech industry. His journey emphasises the value of supporting reservist roles within the corporate sector and the remarkable potential for personal and professional development that such support unlocks. As technology continues to evolve, the discipline, leadership, and unique perspectives that Reservists like Sam bring to the table will undoubtedly be invaluable assets in driving innovation forward.

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