A Year in Review: TechVets’ Journey from Sept 2022 to Sept 2023

A Year in Review: TechVets’ Journey from Sept 2022 to Sept 2023

Meredyth Grant

TechVets stands as a beacon for veterans, Service leavers, reservists, and their families, illuminating a path towards fulfilling careers in information technology.

So, how did we perform over the last financial year? Let’s dive into the figures and achievements that marked this period:

All-Time Registrations: * Military (comprising serving members, Service leavers, reservists, and veterans): 5,096 * Families (partners & spouses): 606

This Financial Year’s Tally:

We had an ambitious goal of 2,400 new registrations for this financial year, breaking down to an average of 200 per month.

As of the end of August, we achieved a commendable 2,212 registrations: * Military: 1,773 * Families: 444

Dual Registrations:

These figures showcase our community members who’ve also opted for additional dedicated support from advisors in respective programmes: * Ex-Forces: 147 * Veteran Support: 109 * Military Women: 33 * Specialist Veteran Advice: 13 * … and several more.

Our Growing Digital Community:

We currently have 4,165 members in our Discord server, with a whopping 721 joining this year alone. Training Achievements: In our mission to upskill the Forces community: * 173 delved into Splunk data observability engineering * 248 tapped into Cisco Networking Academy * 461 embarked on Google Career Cert Scholarships * … among other notable training pathways.

Employment Support:

Our CV Distribution Service catered to 108 clients this year, and we’ve successfully supported 152 clients into new roles across various tech domains, including cyber security, data specialisms, and programming.

The Big Announcements:

* TechVets & Defence Digital Collaboration Boost: We’re thrilled to highlight our ongoing collaboration with Defence Digital. This unique partnership has enabled members of the Forces community to access Defence Digital’s premium internal training platforms, notably the Skillsoft platform. After reviewing the incredible value from our partnership, Defence Digital has magnanimously offered up to 50,000 SkillSoft licences for veterans and their families.

* Inaugural SparkED Programme with Alteryx: We’re proud to announce our brand-new partnership with the US-based data analytics specialists, Alteryx. This collaboration promises superb upskilling and job support for those aiming to specialise in data analytics using the Alteryx software. Given the soaring demand for data specialists and Alteryx’s growing prominence in the UK, this promises to be a game-changer. We’re eagerly gearing up for the first cohort this coming October.

It’s been a bustling and productive year for TechVets, and the road ahead promises even more opportunities and successes. Stay tuned, and thank you for being part of this incredible journey!