About TechVets

About TechVets

What is TechVets and what is this Academy?

Welcome to TechVets! As a member you are now a part of our amazing community and can access our services to support your career in Cyber Security and Technology. Here you ca learn about who we are, what we provide - and most importantly how you can access our services to develop your career path.

The Vision

To be the world’s most respected & effective platform that enables the Forces community to transition into IT careers. Provide skills and job opportunities in Tech and Cyber for every service leaver and all unemployed and unemployed veterans and their partners & spouses in the UK.

Our Mission

TechVets exists as a bridge for veterans, Service leavers, reservicsts and their families into information technology careers.

We want to alleviate the issue of unemployment and underemployment in the Forces community by ensuring all TechVets members can combine their experience with their new leading digital skills acquired through the TechVets to gain sustainable careers in information technology.

In doing so, TechVets builds on the strengths of the Forces community to support the UKs digital economy.


TechVets provides a number of services that are delivered within our three core pillars:

TechVets communityA safe environment with like-minded tech-curious members of the Forces community to support you in career change by helping answer questions, support and guide through learning & development, collaborate with training, and provide local physical meetups to maintain their Military family
Education & trainingAs the Forces community we are overloaded with information and sales pitches from all manner of training providers - often at substantial financial cost to the individual. TechVets has created partnerships to bring leading training to our members for zero cost.
Employment supportTargeted and relevant CV support from Cyber/Tech professionals as well as access to the CREST CV service enables you to create a CV that reflects your valuable skills and experience. Additionally, access the jobs that hiring managers have posted because they appreciate the skills you bring.