PolicyWizard Partner with TechVets

PolicyWizard Partner with TechVets

Meredyth Grant

TechVets is thrilled to announce our exciting new partnership with PolicyWizard.io. Together, we’re offering cutting-edge courses that provide the latest knowledge on creating effective security policies.

These courses are specifically designed to empower Forces community members to transition into cyber and information security roles. With the knowledge gained from these courses, veterans will be equipped to excel in governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) and security management positions.

PolicyWizard.io, founded by British Army veteran and GRC professional Stuart Wedge, is on a mission to eradicate poor security policies by training a new generation of policy experts. With the shortage of affordable and high-quality training options in the field of information security, TechVets and PolicyWizard.io are filling a critical need in the UK.

As Stuart Wedge says, “Getting security policies right is crucial. The right policies lead to the right message, engagement, action, and progress.” With our new partnership, we’re confident that we can help veterans achieve success in the field of information security.

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