Free event: Cognizant ‘Second Careers in Tech’ Panel

Free event: Cognizant ‘Second Careers in Tech’ Panel

Meredyth Grant

Cognizant Outreach is inviting TechVets members to an exciting professional development opportunity in London on 29 November! Here’s how to register.

If you’re looking to transition into a tech career, we’re very excited to announce yet another upcoming professional development opportunity!

Cognizant Outreach’s annual ‘Industry Insights’ careers event is upon us. This year’s panel theme is ‘Second Careers in Tech’ – which we at TechVets know will speak to many of our veterans and service leavers seeking second careers of their own.

On Tuesday 29 November, you’re invited to attend this panel and hear valuable employment tips from real-world professionals in technology and cyber jobs

Who Are Cognizant?

Like TechVets, Cognizant works to help people ‘get ahead’ in sectors like business, digital marketing, and information technology. They’ve been around for more than a decade, earning themselves an impressively high ranking on Fortune500 lists and helping their clients to generate billions of dollars in revenue.

To give back, the company developed Cognizant Outreach to “mobilise our associates’ expertise and enthusiasm through volunteer work.” That means Cognizant Outreach events are run by their employees and offered for free in ways that support inclusion in tech and “increase the use of technology for good.”

How to attend

This year’s Cognizant Outreach ‘Industry Insights’ event will take place in London on Tuesday 29th November from 1600-1800 GMT. (It’s happening in-person, so while attendance is free and open to all, individuals are responsible for their own travel arrangements.)

Register for free here: Cognizant Outreach Panel Registration

“Industry Insights is a panel discussion where the focus is on bringing speakers from different industries together to share their journeys into tech with the aim of inspiring attendees to explore tech careers they might not have considered or heard of before,” the event page reads.

The panel discussion will involve:

  • 3-4 speakers from different industries speaking about their retraining journeys.
  • A discussion on the future of tech within their respective industries.
  • A breaking out into smaller groups where attendees will engage directly with the expert speakers.
  • Opportunities for one-on-one advice about the roles available within the IT/tech sector and the skills needed to undertake them.

You can get more information about this Cognizant event by contacting [email protected] – and for more info on tech roles that might suit you after military service, TechVets can also help (see the link below!).RELATED: TechVets Career Tips Archive