BSides Lancashire Cyber Community Event 30th March 2023

BSides Lancashire Cyber Community Event 30th March 2023

Meredyth Grant

BSides Lancashire will take place on the 30th March, at Lancaster University, and bring together members of the offensive and defensive cyber community, along with industry leaders.

As well as technical talks, there will be a careers village, an innovation village, and the legendary Cyber House Party to celebrate at the end of the day. Bides Lancashire will be focussed on valuable technical research, inclusion, diversity and careers progression. There will be representatives from TechVets, Capslock, BAE Systems and the Cyber Reservists in the careers village, so as well as hearing amazing cyber talks, and networking with the cyber community, you will be able to discuss your career goals in our careers village.

Plus, exclusively for TechVets members there are a number of free tickets available. Become a member or jump into Discord for your special eventbrite code (limited free tickets available, ask now!)

BSides (short for “Backside”) is a community-driven, informal gathering of cybersecurity professionals, hobbyists, and enthusiasts. The goal of BSides events is to provide an alternative to the traditional, vendor-driven conferences by creating an inclusive, grassroots environment for sharing knowledge and ideas about information security. BSides Lancashire is one of many BSides events that take place around the world, each with its own unique focus and lineup of speakers. If you’re interested in cybersecurity and want to learn more about the latest developments and trends in the field, attending a BSides event like BSides Lancashire could be a great opportunity.